Energy Consulting

Let over 30 years of experience design your energy management system.

Energy Consulting Resources

Most companies have limited resources to spend in processing large volumes of data related to their energy use and performance.  C&C provides consulting services to analyze the retailers' energy usage and utility billing. This information is used for :

  • Negotiating energy purchases
  • Budgeting energy costs across facilities
  • Construction project management
  • Fault detection
  • Meeting corporate energy and maintenenace goals

Clients turn to C&C for guidance in generating and utilizing information through energy management systems, analysis of energy usage, and monitoring of their buildings to find ways to continuously improve operational efficiency and productivity.

Utility Bill Analysis

C&C analyzes your utility bills to ensure the most cost effective utility rate possible. We find potential areas of consolidation to optimize your purchase of energy. C&C provides energy cost savings on both the supply side and demand side of our client's energy usage.

C&C focuses on identifying where and how a client is spending their energy dollars and what potential savings are available by making changes in operations.

Energy Monitoring Service

C&C is able to implement metering and sub-metering to track energy usage across all of your sites.  Our Energy Monitoring Service team works right alongside the remote support team, so we are able to quickly respond to alarms and problem equipment.  Count on our expertise in using analytics to find low performing sites and help you get the most out of your investments in replacing aging infrastructure. 

Engineers and Technicians

C&C engineers and technicians design, install, program and commissioning customized energy management and control systems for a variety of facilities including retail, colleges, hospitals, offices, research facilities and schools.

C&C is a value-added system Integrator, providing a wide variety of energy management and control system products, software and related services for retail, commercial and Institutional buildings.  C&C strives to provide exemplary customer service, reliable installation and competitive pricing.

System Integration

C&C is a diversified provider and servicer of intelligent building systems. The company has over 30 years of experience delivering turn-key solutions to the retail and other markets. C&C has increased their clients environmental comfort, maintenance productivity and energy efficiency.

Turn Key Installation