Financing and Rebates

Not sure you can afford an EMS system?  Try financing through C&C.

Financing is now available

Financing is available now even if you have no money available in your budget this year for energy management systems. C&C’s Energy Management Systems Financing Assistance Program. We help you secure the funds for your new EMS and installation at reasonable rates so you can start saving energy cost right away.

Fast and Simple

If you’re planning on installing or upgrading your energy management system (EMS), call our team to see if your project qualifies for financing. C&C makes financing fast and simple based on your potential energy savings calculations as part of our technical services. We provide the best rates available and simple payment terms. Amortize the cost of your EMS installation or upgrade over the life of your investment and your energy cost savings.  

The Facts

Studies show an energy management system will allow your company to realize and average of 18% energy savings by monitoring and controlling energy loads. This will increase your overall business operating efficiency and reduce operating expenses. Don’t delay just because you dont have the funds available right now. The benefits of EMS include:

  • A reduction in energy consumption by turning off equipment through optimized sensing and scheduling.
  • The ability to manage your peak demand by controlling loads with overrides to maintain comfort.  
  • Optimize or restore economizer operation or add enthalpy or CO2 override controls.
  • Reduce fan speed or shut off fans when not needed. 

State and local governments, in conjunction with utilities, offer rebates to promote the installation of renewable energy systems, and energy efficiency measures and load shedding or demand response reduction.  C&C will survey your facilities and collect data to do the energy analysis and calculations to verify for the utilities that the load reduction and KWH savings are real and available.

C&C is experienced with securing federal and state utility rebates. We can assist you in securing funding from the over 3 billion dollars available for the current two-year cycle for EMS and equipment retrofit rebates. 


C&C can also assist you in setting up a demand response and reduction program which pays you for curtailment of your loads during peak summer and winter periods. This can provide 1000’s of dollars of rewards for reducing your demand for very short periods without significantly affecting your comfort or operations.  

Demand-Response and Reduction Programs