System Integration

Let C&C combine all your EMS systems into one.

Are you looking for a better solution to your current multi- site building automation/energy management system?

System integration has become a pertinent issue for facilities managers because of the prevalence of factory installed control systems among top brands. Equipment suppliers traditionally design proprietary software, which creates issues for stores that have multiple systems or wish to purchase a new type of system. 

  • C&C specializes in Systems Integration with a full staff of qualified programmers who have been able to successfully develop drivers using Bacnet, Modbus, Lon, etc. 
  • Integrated electrical systems are becoming more popular because of the need to monitor and verify electrical loads. C&C has installed hundreds of these systems in retailers across the US.

Benefits of one UI for multiple EMS includes:

  • Improves EMS operator’s productivity
  • Simplifies employee training
  • Facilitates decision making
  • Increases efficiency of resources
  • Reduces risk of error